On the Beach

Aqua Life Fitness is proud to offer a wide range of Yoga classes for all skill levels. Our outdoor classes are held on the beach and in the park.

Beginners Gentle Yoga

A slower-paced class with more time between poses. Emphasis is placed upon mindful movement, harmonizing the over-active mind, and fostering a greater sense of calm. Postures are held for an extended time to connect with the emotional and energetic subtleties, and to provide a greater release. An excellent class for anyone new to yoga. It is also beneficial for those who are fit, but lack flexibility. However, it is ideal for those with a strong yoga practice, but seek to balance their lives with a deeper, more contemplative yoga experience. Perfect for anyone needing a relaxing or restorative class. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, honor their boundaries and capabilities, intensify postures when desired, or find stillness when appropriate.

Intermediate Hatha Yoga 1

A yoga class that elevates your practice to another level. Classes open with a centering meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), then transition to more energizing poses, featuring standing and balancing postures.  Classes include cleansing twists, and inversions with options to suit all students, and finish with grounding poses that complete your yoga practice. Focus is placed upon inner awareness and potential. Classes emphasize the benefits of proper alignment, expanding range of motion, flexibility, and balanced strength-building. Classes will introduce Sanskrit terms for familiar asanas (poses), and identify activation of chakras (energy centers). This class is appropriate for those already introduced to yoga.

Advanced Hatha Yoga 2

This is an advanced level class for those seeking a physically stronger yoga practice. Familiarity with basic yoga asanas is necessary. Classes include Surya Namaskars (sun salutations), postures to promote increased core strength, advanced balancing postures, and inversions such as headstand and handstand. Classes incorporate more Sanskrit terminology than our Gentle or Level 1 class, with increased use of pranayama and yoga philosophy. Although open to all, some yoga experience, or a regular fitness routine are strongly recommended.

Aqua Life Fitness requires all class participants to download and sign our Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability prior to your first class. You will only have to complete this form once, as it will be stored on file, unless you plan to bring additional family members to a class. If at any time you wish to include other family members, simply download the Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability again, complete the required fields and sign. Forms will be collected from new class attendees prior to the start of class.

Visit our Class Calendar for the most up to date listing of classes available and take advantage of class registration online straight from the calendar.

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