Junior Introductory to Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Paddle Sports Water Safety

Ages 7 through 16.  Introductory to Stand Up Paddle Board and Water Safety Course will teach our youth multiple aspects of the Stand Up Paddle board. How to get safely on the Paddle Board, Paddling, Turning and How to fall off safely. Our Class will also provide information regarding the elements allowing them to be cognizant of the water, currents, rips tides, temperatures and the winds. coupled with instruction on how to use the safety gear provided. It is important to know your safety gear, how and when it is utilized, as well as the correct and quick response to an emergency situation that may arise. With minds centered and plan for our safety freshly in our thoughts our time on the water will truly be a gratifying experience. All Children must wear life jackets at all times make sure you bring a coast guard approved life jacket that fits your child I only have life jackets to fit Weight between 80 Р150 lbs.   during the Class and an adult and or guardian must remain present at the location at all times during the class.