Yin Yoga

As Spring transitions into the heat of Summer, this is a wonderful time to explore the more cooling aspects of our yoga practice, the yin-side. Learn to surrender into stillness as we gently work and stretch our joints, tendons, and ligaments by holding seated postures for longer periods of time (one to five minutes).This calm, slow, and static practice is a wonderful way to bring balance into our often overly active and dynamic lives. Likewise, this class is equally beneficial for those who spend much of their day seated, as it helps to rejuvenate joints and fascial tissues. It’s also important to keep in mind, although the poses we practice are simple, simple is not always easy! Expect a certain amount of challenge, both physically and mentally, as we gently work our bodies and minds.
This class is open to all levels.
Aqua Life Fitness requires all class participants to download and sign our Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability prior to your first class. You will only have to complete this form once, as it will be stored on file, unless you plan to bring additional family members to a class. If at any time you wish to include other family members, simply download the Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability again, complete the required fields and sign. Forms will be collected from new class attendees prior to the start of class.

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