Patricia’s Journey

I used to sit in an office every day, follow a weekly schedule. Get up, go to work, go home, and fit in
a little surf. Repeat. Then something changed in my life. It became apparent that I was more
passionate about finding my inner peace than I was about the piles of 9- 5 work that I had created
for myself. After dedicating 26 years to building my career, I found it no longer fulfilling. My
happiness and my self preservation became more important than my paycheck.

The office walls started to close in around me and with the encouragement of my husband, I made
one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made. I left Corporate America but in search of what? I did
not know. What I did know was I needed a drastic life change.

I surfed all summer on my quest. The water gave me a sense of freedom and a connection with my
inner child blossomed. I could feel the waves leading me to the peace within my soul. My lifestyle
became more focused and I embraced the shift to a new way of being. I found peace in yoga and

As I deepen my yoga and meditation practice, I started to recognize patterns within myself. When I
become aware, I work to identify, understand and release any fears that arise in order to move
forward and truly become comfortable with living in the state of uncertainty. When I put trust in
god and the universe that they will provide me with everything I need in life, I was amazed at what
happened. New opportunities seemed to appear, influential people came into my life and everything
seemed to be falling in place.

I had made a decision to start off on a journey to becoming a teacher; I felt a strong need to share
the new found sense of peace that I had discovered but a teacher of what? I did know the second
half of my life was going to be the best of my life. My goal was to find something that would help
me extend my quality of life while having fun in doing so. I have surfed my Stand Up Paddle
Board for a few years and found myself on calm days playing around with yoga poses which I
found deepened my yoga practice. Why not combine the two? As time progressed over the past few
years I had decided I wanted to combine my love of surf with my love of Yoga. I had what I could
only describe as an Ahhaa moment! First things first, what is my goal? That was the day Aqua
Life Fitness was born. My mission statement:Quality of Life through the Love of Water.

In my journey to combine the two I first attended Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Certification,
months and months of various classes, certifications, water safety courses. I set off on my biggest
adventure thus far in my life; Yoga Teachers Training at Pavones Yoga Center in Pavones, Costa

Stepping way out of my comfort zone I left the country for 5 weeks. The teachers at Pavones Yoga
Center taught me how to find this place inside myself, open my heart, open my mind and find my
teaching voice. I am now a Yoga Teacher in my heart, mind and soul. I now have the tools to share
my gift.